Raízen Geo Biogás

The Bonfim Unit, located at the Guariba (SP), it is one of the largest biogas plants in the world. With 21 MW of installed capacity, and in operation since 2020, Raízen Geo Biogás is a joint-venture between Raízen and Geo bio gas&carbon. The unit is a plant dedicated to electricity production and is the first biogas plant to win an energy auction. The vinasse and filter cake allow the plant to generate 135,000 MWh/year of electricity. The unit operates with 2 vertical biodigesters of 8 thousand m³ each and 1 horizontal biodigester of 18 thousand m³ (Geo).

The joint venture between Raízen and Geo bio gas&carbon, have a second project under construction at Costa Pinto unit, located at Piracicaba/SP. This unit will process 150,000 tons of filter cake per year and 1.9 million m³ of vinasse, producing 25.4 MM Nm³/year of biomethane, wtih supply to Yara Fertilizantes, characterizing the Green Ammonia production process in this partner, in addition to other strategic customers of the State.

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