Located at the Narandiba unit, it is the first plant with a pipeline dedicated to biomethane, constructed by the partnership with Geo bio gas&carbon.

With an installed capacity of 5MW of electricity and over 25,000 m³/d of biomethane, the Cocal - Narandiba uses vinasse, filter cake and bovine manure and chicken manure as raw material, potentiating the biogas production and the agricultural value of biofertilizers. The plant has 2 vertical biodigesters of 8 thousand m³ and 4 horizontal biodigesters of 18 thousand m³. The electricity is fully exported, contributing to the diversification of the Brazil electricity matrix and the biomethane  supplies industrial customers in the region.

The joint-venture between Cocal and Geo bio gas&carbon has a new Paraguaçu Paulista unit in the engineering design phase, expected to start the operating in mid-2025. The unit’s project predicts exclusive dedication to the production of biomethane, with a capacity of 60,000 Nm³/d.

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