Geo Elétrica Tamboara

Considered a milestone for the sector, Geo Elétrica Tamboara is the first large-scale commercial biogas production plant in Brazil to process filter cake, vinasse and straw.

Inaugurated in 2012 in partnership with Coopcana, Geo Elétrica has an installed electricity capacity of 10MW and recently expanded to produce 36,000 Nm³/d of biomethane, which will be sold to industries in Londrina (PR) and the region in the format of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). The plant operates from sugarcane residues and various other agro-industrial residues. There are 2 vertical biodigesters (BVs) of 5 thousand m³ each and 2 horizontal biodigesters (BHs) of 18 thousand m³.

Furthermore, the Tamboara plant is under construction to accommodate the pilot plant of the project aimed at developing the biogas chain through the biomass pre-treatment process, which will start operating in 2024.

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